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What is Hypnosis?
  .....Defined as a deep state of relaxation in which the conscious mind is relaxed and quieted allowing access to the unconscious mind. Once the unconscious mind is open to receive suggestions, hypnosis positively affected lives. With hypnosis healthy change can occur instantly, health issues resolved, behaviors modified, unwanted habits released, pain managed, weight loss or control can occur, anxiety and stress reduced and so much more. In hypnosis you are still aware and maintain self-control, you will not do anything against your will, morals or belief system. The most important thing to remember with hypnosis is that you hypnotize yourself; the hypnotist is only the facilitator or co-pilot of your session. Therefore you can leave this relaxed state whenever you choose.
.....Hypnosis taps into the abilities of the unconscious mind, which does not have the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction. That job is for the conscious mind. When the conscious mind is not paying attention to stop the suggestions-- CHANGE always FOLLOWS! But the individual's ability to accept or reject suggestions never leaves. If the suggestions are not accepted, the subconscious mind may activate the suggestions at a later time, as long as they are aligned to the clients belief.
Can anyone be hypnotized?
.....Most people can be hypnotized with very few exceptions. But finding the right hypnotist and method might take a few tries. General rule is people with low IQ's or if someone has acute concentration disorder, seem to have a harder time being hypnotized.
.....Hypnosis is a state of focused, mental concentration and attention.  Sometime a conditioning session or tape work is required for hard to focus clients.

Where did hypnosis come from?
.....A little history on hypnosis and how the technique was named.
.....Dr. James Braid, a British Doctor, coined the term Hypnosis - a Greek word meaning sleep, to describe someone in a hypnotic state. However, after realizing the levels of consciousness, Dr. Braid made many attempts to change the coined phase since the clients really were not asleep but in a deep relaxing state.
.....The root of hypnosis goes back years before this, to a man name Franz Mesmer. An Austrian doctor who developed the theory of "Animal Magnetism" (- imbalances of fluid, requiring alignment) after watching a Jesuit Priest in Paris named Father Hell. The Priest would tap the heads of the patients with an iron crucifix and they would appear to be cured. In the 1700's a commission was appointed that included Benjamin Franklin. They conclude that Mesmer was a fraud stating, "All cures are based on imagination." But today, the viewpoint of that commission has been proven FALSE!. The power of the mind is now being recognized and even studied beyond what was once expected.
.....A professor of surgery at the University College in London, John Elliotson (1791-1868), who invented the stethoscope, used only hypnosis for painless surgery. James Esdalie (1808-1859) lived in India and performed surgery with only hypnosis as the anesthesia, setting the record held even today, where hypnosis is the only anesthesia used for eye surgery. Jean Chatcot (1825-1893) and Hippolyte Bernheim (1837-1919) was well known neurologist who's collaboration led to the development of the Nancy School, which utilized suggestions and done massive research using hypnosis. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) studied under Chatcot and Bernheim, used hypnosis for a while and then started to use Free Association. Hypnosis had a great injustice caused by Freud, where he tried to discredit the technique until he was very old. Freud said that hypnosis was a good method, but he was NO GOOD at it. Even though at the end of his life he tried to set the record straight so to speak, his actions set hypnosis back 70 or so years.
.....Emile Coue (1857-1926) writer of the most famous positive suggestion of recorded history, "Everyday in every way, I'm getting better and better". Many well known groups use this affirmation. The most famous man that really has put hypnosis back o­n the map and is known today as the Father of Hypnosis is Milton Erickson, M.D (1901-1980). Erickson at the age of 14 was paralyzed by polio; he discovered self-hypnosis and used it to overcome the illness. o­nce recovered, Erickson used his life to help others learn how to use hypnosis. The majority of hypnotists today are trained by the teachings of Dr. Erickson, who changed the face of hypnosis forever.

Can I stop hypnosis from happening to me?
.....Yes, that possible. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis you are in control of going into hypnosis. People have stop the hypnosis process because they felt uncomfortable being watch by others in a group, but we offer personal sessions to assist you in a private atmosphere, you can bring one adult guest if you choose.
.....I also believe; if you do not feel comfortable with your Hypnotherapist you will tend to fight the process more. It is important to choose your Professional Hypnotherapist carefully.

How can I tell if I have ever been in hypnosis?

.....Most people do not realize they enter into a hypnotic state every day. That state just before you wake up, or fall asleep, that state, you are not awake or asleep, that state of heightened awareness before you drift off, or wake up, that is hypnosis.
.....Another state of hypnosis that you might be aware of is that of TV. Anyone that watches television has drifted off a bit, but really was not asleep but really not awake! Suggestions are in ever commercial and program out there to buy whatever product is being advertised!  One of the most heard of subliminal suggestions was the "Drink Coke-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat Popcorn!" done in the mid 50's at a movie theater by a man named James Vicary.
.....Another well-known automatic hypnotic state is "Highway Hypnosis." Most people have heard of it or have experienced it themselves. Highway hypnosis is when you are driving a long distance and you just go into autopilot arriving at your destination with out remembering the drive. The strips or lines on the highway create it as you drive the deeper you emerge.
.....This became a major problem around the late 1950's and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) commissioned a chemist named Elbert Botts, who was the chief of the highway-pavement division. He came up with the dots, but it was not until 1966 when the glue that holds the dots to the pavement was perfected. 
.....Botts' Dots provide an additional benefit unforeseen by its inventor - driving over them produces a ka-thump! ka-thump! ka-thump! sound that swiftly captures the attention of motorists drifting out of their lanes or off the highway. Because of this, they are installed on the outer edges of roadways known for their incidence of highway hypnosis as well as on the lines dividing one lane from another. Many a sleepy or distracted motorist has been saved from disaster by the alerting ka-thumps! of a sequence of Botts' Dots under their wheels. Unfortunate for Bott, he passed away in 1962, before he was associated with any fame. 


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