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.....Sessions at New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center are based on the philosophy the client has the ability to tap into their sub-conscious mind, which allows them to utilize the entire brain to facilitate change. The clients abilities open up to make life changes, phobias disappear, disease overcome, bad habit are stopped, addictions eliminated, self improvement increased, professional abilities strengthened.

The primary goals of New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center are:

.....To provide clinical hypnosis in the areas needed to assist the client in overcoming obstacles interfering with their life progress. Some of those areas include but are not limited too.

  • Self Improvement
  • Bad Habits
  • Addictions
  • Fears/ Phobias
  • Professional
  • Physical Chang

To provide healing energy and thoughts to assist one in bring their bodies back into balance, aligning their charkas, and working on the energetic grid of the 7 bodies. To assist one in tapping into the inner healing strength and opening up the Hara line for life-force to flow in at a great abundance.


A. Appointments

Clients can make appointments by leaving a voice mail or faxing a request to (407) 644-9766 or contacting us through “the form” page on the website. We will contact you and be happy to schedule your appointment.


As a courtesy to our clients, we call or email to remind you one or two days in advance of your appointment.


In today's hectic world unplanned issues come up for all of us. We recognize this fact, but we respectfully request that you cancel your scheduled appointment by phone, fax or e-mail a minimum of …..::::: 24 hours in advance :::::….. That way the open slot can be filled with someone needing an appointment.

For missed appointments, if you do not cancel by the deadline, you will be assessed a $35.00 missed appointment fee. This fee will be your responsibility to pay at the time of your next visit. Our aim here is to open otherwise unused appointments for our patients, not to collect missed appointment fees. Your cooperation and consideration are appreciated as we institute this new policy.

C. Billing and Payments

Full payment is required when services are rendered.
Package financing for qualified clients coming soon!

D. Services

Intake Procedure - is usually about 15 minutes of your first session to ascertain the needs of the client and find out what type of services they desire to have. It is not counted as part of the session itself. During the intake session we will explain the following:

1. Process of intake and scheduling the client if multiple sessions are required for them.
2. Hypnosis has a short-term focus unless there are therapeutic reasons to continue the session.
3. Package financing if available.
4. Limits of confidentiality.
5. Cancellation policy and importance of keeping the appointments.
6. Possibility of referral into the community.

There is a Client Intake Form, which gathers some background information on the client, their situation, what services the client needs and how they will respond to hypnosis. Here we will answer any questions that the client may have about hypnosis. All forms become the property of New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center and can be used for research or any in other way Dr. West see fit, as long as the clients identity is keep confidential.

Individual hypnosis/ healing - is one-to-one discussion for the purpose of providing support, assisting the client in coping with life stress and in learning to change their behavior and feelings. Written notes taken during an individual session are dated, signed and filed in the case note side of the client’s file. Case notes are kept in the SOAP format on all individual sessions. These notes as with any other information concerning client are confidentially. They become the property of New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center and can be used for research or any in other way Dr. West see fit, as long as the clients identity is keep confidential.

Couple /Group Therapy - is based on the belief that individuals with similar difficulties can share concerns and be supportive of each other; this support often facilitates change. Session time depends on what is needed, normally 60 to 120 minutes.

Hypnosis - is a therapeutic technique used for the purpose of making suggestions for habit control, stress management, or for the purpose of exploring unknown material from the unconscious mind. A session of hypnosis can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. All sessions are to be documented and filed in client’s folder.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - (NLP) is a therapeutic treatment, which utilizes eye movement to explain how the mind actually works in terms of our own self-programming using verbal and non-verbal communication and how that communication affects how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Neuro stands for brain, linguistics for language, and programming for behavior. We utilize this technique to assist with desensitize the trauma around an event or to reprogram a faulty belief system and is normally include with our sessions. All sessions are to be documented and filed in client’s folder.

Weight Loss, Smoking, Alcohol, & Drug Cessation – are programs designed to assist the client’s process in identifying addictive patterns, to find the anchor creating the need and to assess the sub-conscious mind in removing the destructive anchors, Positive reinforcement and reframing the belief that one needs such vices are then anchored in available places.

E. Referral Policy for our clients

New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center will refer clients which exhibits serious psychological disturbance, which is outside of our expertise or treatment capabilities, to work with qualified professional therapist and medical doctors within the community or an appropriate treatment center for more extensive therapy. Clients are responsible to follow-up on that referral. The client is responsible for the costs of the outside therapy also.

F. Ethical Standards and Confidentiality

All personal issues that are discussed in a session are confidential, except in those unusual circumstances in which not to do so would result in clear danger to the person or to others. A difficult case may be discussed with other hypnotist providing that the client identity remains confidential, if feedback is needed on how to help a client.

G. Refusal of Services

New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. New Directions Hypnosis Healing Center also reserves the right to refer future services of individuals whose concerns are beyond the capacity of this office as well as to any individual that abuses or misuse services in any manner, i.e., non-compliance with treatment, frequent missed appointments, not participating in their own recovery, etc. If this should become necessary, other local treatment options and possible referrals would be discussed.



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